Early Childhood Administration Courses at Global Campus

Provide the administrative support to keep early childhood education organizations operating smoothly. Your Early Childhood Administration courses will help you develop your leadership philosophy as you interact with staff, families, communities, and children. You’ll also have an opportunity to build your knowledge of fiscal management, policy, and law topics that pertain specifically to the early childhood education field.

Early Childhood Administration Class Descriptions and Credit Information

ECA 380 Becoming an Early Childhood Education Leader in Today’s Society

3 Credits

This course will provide students with a clear and practical introduction to the leadership foundation including the knowledge, skills, theories, roles, and responsibilities prevalent in early childhood education administration today. This course will provide students with the framework to begin to build their leadership philosophy. Prerequisite: ECE 312.

ECA 400 Building, Maintaining and Leading Early Childhood Education Programs

3 Credits

This course will further explore the knowledge, skills and roles of an early childhood professional in leading staff, families, children and communities. Students will explore the building, maintaining, and leading of early childhood programs fostering communication, collaboration, and high quality practices. Prerequisite: ECA 380

ECA 435 Leading the future of Early Childhood Education

3 Credits

This course explores fiscal management, policy and law topics surrounding the field of early childhood education. This course culminates in the development of student’s personal vision of leadership and a plan for a high quality early childhood education program. Prerequisite: ECA 400.

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