Professors Bill Davis and Dr. Avisha Sadeghinejad have shared their wealth of knowledge with the University of Arizona Global Campus, the Forbes School of Business and Technology™, and the Forward Thinking teams over the years. They recently sat down to discuss their business and marketing experience and give advice to those just starting their marketing careers. Here, they share their top 15 skills that lead to success in digital marketing.

What Skills & Knowledge Do Marketing Professionals Need to Have?

  1. Leadership & management skills
  2. Communication & collaboration skills
  3. EQ – emotional intelligence
  4. Digital marketing
  5. Relationship marketing
  6. Optimal understanding of the marketing process and mix
  7. Understanding of market trends
  8. Ability to lead a marketing plan
  9. Trainability
  10. Sense of urgency, without the need to be micromanaged
  11. Breadth of knowledge in different areas of marketing
  12. Analytics
  13. Technical skills in related tools, apps, software
  14. Ability to innovate & think outside the box
  15. Creativity and imagination

“Digital marketing is big, and the field continues to grow,” says Bill. “My advice: get all the marketing education you can: degrees, specialized certificates, certifications, and especially any marketing related experiences—on, through, and off the job.”

Bill encourages everyone he works with to be passionate and love what they do. “I believe in being an assertive self-starter and being passionate about what I do in my sales and marketing career. Remember, you are building your personal brand.”

Bill recommends starting now to build your personal brand, and referring to past work that demonstrates your personal brand.

Avisha adds that your work and personal brand should reflect who you are and how you want to be perceived. “Be passionate and enthusiastic and live life fully,” advises Avisha. “Knowledge is the most precious treasure you can ever collect, so learn something new every day.”

What Advice Can You Give New Marketing Professionals?

Bill’s career shows that there’s a big difference between job satisfaction and career contentment.

It won’t be easy, but it certainly will be rewarding.

“Be passionate and love what you do in your marketing roles,” says Bill. “Get the most out of every opportunity and experience. See the bigger picture and how all of marketing connects. The experiences you have in marketing and the education you receive can help you build a successful portfolio.”

Avisha agrees that no matter the career path you choose, you should work to make it enjoyable for your lifestyle. “Living and working in a few different countries has shown me that the world is all about diversity,” she says. “Being open-minded, welcoming, and patient is the key to peace and success. I believe that passion and enthusiasm are contagious.” 

Avisha leaves marketing professionals with one last piece of advice: “If you love marketing, just go for it, don’t doubt it. It won’t be easy, but it certainly will be rewarding.”


Written by Bill Davis and Dr. Avisha Sadeghinejad, faculty members in the Forbes School of Business and Technology™

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