“Social science” is one of those broad terms that everyone has heard, but few people outside of academic circles know exactly what it means. But the broadness of social science is part of what makes it an appealing discipline for students to pursue. A degree in social science imparts a wide range of knowledge that has practical applications in many careers. Let’s take a look at some of the specific benefits of an education in social science.

First of all, it’s important to dispel some of the vagueness and define what exactly social science is. Collectively, the social sciences encompass any effort to study society and human relationships. It includes topics such as history, psychology, sociology, culture, geography, anthropology, archeology, economics, communications, and political science. The unifying principle is a desire to understand the world we live in from a variety of different perspectives.

That focus on multiple points of view prepares students for a business world that has experienced a sustained trend toward globalization. Many modern American businesses maintain overseas operations and service foreign customers. The explosion of online commerce has further spurred globalization. Even companies that only operate domestically are bound to have clients who hail from other countries. Students who know how to assess different cultures will have a leg up on students with a narrower worldview.

Similarly, social science students are trained to understand the idea of diversity. This concept has been gaining more and more attention lately as issues involving race, gender, and sexual orientation have dominated headlines. People are becoming aware that workplaces and customer bases are not homogenous. Businesses that are sensitive and respectful of people’s differences will have a wider reach. Social science students are ideally suited to help businesses in this regard.

The study of social science also develops specific skills that easily translate across many careers. The degree program places a strong emphasis on various forms of communication. Classwork will require students to perform in-depth research and analysis. They will write papers, prepare case studies, and deliver presentations. These are skills that have applications in fields like communications, marketing, public relations, journalism, advertising, and more.

Furthermore, social scientists are trained to be problem solvers. They examine some of the most complicated issues in our world today and strive to propose solutions. Some of the problems a social science student may be asked to ponder include global climate change, gender inequality, deforestation, and human rights violations. The idea is to challenge students to examine the world around them and think about how it could be better. In most industries, there are few skills that are more valuable than the ability to solve difficult problems.

From solving global problems to embracing diverse cultures, social scientists bring the world together. If you’re fascinated with the way humans interact, then a degree in social science might be right for you. Check out the online Bachelor of Arts in Social Science degree program at the University of Arizona Global Campus.

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