Anyone who has used the the University of Arizona Global Campus Writing Center’s Paper Review service for help on an assignment understands why it is the most-used resource on the Writing Center website: it works!

According to data analysis, students who report having regularly used Paper Review have a pass rate of 94%, which is 23 points higher than those who report not using the service (71%), according to the 2019 the University of Arizona Global Campus SupportU Tutoring Report. 

With these results, you might want to submit your work to Paper Review immediately to improve your work. But first, there are ways to make sure you get the most out of your review experience.

Below are the Top 3 tips to keep in mind when submitting your work to Paper Review. Following these suggested tips will assure that you have a helpful experience — and hopefully earn a grade that makes you proud.

1. Submit early

Paper Review has a 24-hour turnaround, but you may need even more time for revisions. That’s why we recommend submitting your paper on Saturday or earlier, so you have time to review the revision letter and comments, make the revisions, and turn it in on time.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a completed draft by Saturday. Submit what you have and continue working until you get your feedback on your partial draft. Submitting a partial draft will still give you great feedback you can then apply to your full draft. Remember, all Global Campus student papers are due on Monday, so the return time — even if under 24 hours — is always going to be longer on Sunday and Monday. 

By submitting on Saturday or earlier, you can ensure that your paper gets back to you more quickly. This will give you the ability to follow our next tip.

2. Give yourself time to make the revisions

Submitting your paper and receiving feedback is only one part of the revision process. You also must reserve plenty of time to make the suggested changes.

The revision letter you receive as part of your Paper Review lists the three main points of focus in your paper. You want to make sure you have time to apply those concepts to your entire assignment.

This process can take anywhere from minutes to hours, so by giving yourself at least a day between retrieving your paper and submitting the final draft, you can guarantee that your revisions are made mindfully, purposefully, and — most importantly — effectively. For more help turning the tips in your revision letter into effective writing, you’ll need to follow our third and final step.

3.  Apply the feedback

If writing was as easy as being told exactly what to change, then we could all be novelists! In reality, a lot goes into the organization of your ideas, the development of your paragraphs, and the content of your paper. It can take time — and thought — to apply the feedback you receive.

Thankfully, the Writing Center offers a resource called Applying Feedback to help you tackle this otherwise difficult task. 

This resource helps you learn how to prioritize what matters and how to develop a plan of attack so that your revisions can be done thoroughly and effectively.

Go step-by-step with the Writing Center review to make sure that the most important feedback gets put to work first, and the best product comes out on the other side.

These tips will allow you to get the most insightful commentary from a writing expert in a timely fashion so that you can digest the significance of the feedback and become a better writer. 

Will any of these tips guarantee you get an A? Of course not. But by implementing the feedback you receive from the writing center, you could possibly increase the likelihood of a higher grade, simplify the writing process, and become a more confident writer.


Written by University Staff

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