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Carl Schramm

Carl Schramm

Financial Planning, & Analysis: Information Overload Only Affects the Weak and Unprepared​

Dr. Carl Schramm is University Professor at Syracuse. Before starting his first company in healthcare informatics he taught at Johns Hopkins for 15 years. Subsequently he was CEO of a health insurance company and has founded several companies in risk management. In 2002 he began a decade of leadership of the Kauffman Foundation where he initiated Global Entrepreneurship Week and established the only charter school in the US owned by a grant-making endowment. In 2010 he wrote the seminar article on expeditionary economics. His most recent book, Burn the Business Plan, was published by Simon & Schuster in 2018. He serves as chairman of Lumeon, a global healthcare software company based in London, and is a trustee of the Templeton World Charities Foundation.

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