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Hire A Champ Employer Services

Global Campus' Hire A Champ campaign connects employers with a diverse and growing pool of experienced students and graduates. A brief description of our more popular services is listed below. 

Job postings

Post your career and internship opportunities for Global Campus students and graduates. Through the Hire A Champ website, you can register and begin posting jobs for free.

Register and Post Jobs

Customized Recruitment

Global Campus Career Services can work with you to tailor a university recruitment campaign to targeted students based on criteria such as GPA, major, graduation date, etc.

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Meet Students

Global CampusCareer Services can assist you in coordinating your own virtual information session, on-site open house, or career fair to attract University of Arizona Global Campus students and graduates from your region and across the country.

Resume Collections + Resume Books

Let us do the resume collection for you! We can promote your open positions using your marketing materials and, in return, provide you with a book of all interested candidate resumes for your review.

Networking Events

Employers are encouraged to attend our professional networking events with Global Campus students and alumni. This is a great opportunity to network and informally meet potential job candidates.

What Employers are Saying

"I was very happy with the assistance provided through Hire A Champ. We had solid candidates to interview and were able to make offers to hires from our Career Fair utilizing Global Campus students and alumni. The students have proven to be highly successful within our company. Our Global Campus Representative is always reliable and communicative. We appreciate the partnership and look forward to more events in the future." – Stephanie Williams, ADT

If you would like to share your hiring success story, email [email protected].

About Our Students

As an employer, you have options for recruiting talent, and finding ready-to-work talent is one of the most important decisions organizations have to make. Many Global Campus students are non-traditional adult learners, creating added value in the following areas:

  • Work ethic
  • Determination
  • Diversity
  • Experience

In addition, Global Campus students and graduates are located across the United States, eliminating geographical challenges faced when recruiting at traditional campuses where students and graduates may not wish to relocate.

Global Campus students and graduates are nationwide, non-traditional adult learners who are completing degrees online in the areas of Business, Education, Health, and Liberal Arts. Let the University of Arizona Global Campus students and graduates bring a wide array of talent, determination, innovation, and experience to your workplace.

  • 48% of enrolled students indicate they belong to a minority group (Source: Institutional Research Services, Fall 2013)
  • 73% of students are working adults (Source: Currently Enrolled Student Survey, 2011)
  • 36 is the average age of our students (Source: Institutional Research, Fall 2013)
  • As of Fall 2013, 23% of students were affiliated with the military (Source: Institutional Research Services, Fall 2013)
  • 21/1 Student Faculty Ratio (Source: IPEDS)
  • 77,734 Students Nationwide (Source: IPEDS)

Who is Champ?

Champ, a big wooly Saint Bernard, is the Global Campus mascot.

Contact Us

Questions about the Hire A CHAMP program? Please contact [email protected].

The Office of Career Services at Global Campus is committed to partnering with employment professionals that comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws in all recruiting activities. And, while this office provides services to students and alumni, it is not responsible for any representations or guarantees with regard to job postings, nor is it responsible for wages, working conditions, safety, or other work-related issues that may arise after employment. It is the student’s/alumni’s obligation to notify our office and seek information and legal representation if they feel they are being discriminated against or mistreated in the workplace.

Global Campus is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) to help employers find qualified candidates.

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