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The official platform for the University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC) alumni engagement is UAGC Connect. Through UAGC Connect, you can access all the benefits that come with your alumni status, and build a network of fellow UAGC alumni who share your background, interests, and goals. Become an active part of the UAGC Connect community, and you will find another support system that knows what it takes to achieve and succeed.

Our Alumni are Going Places
  • “All the classes I took helped to prepare me to be where I am right now. It helped me to understand how teenagers and children think and break things down and help them understand better. In my mind, I thought I would never use it, but now I use it more than ever.”
    Ashley Walker
  • “This degree has opened up so many doors for me that would have stayed shut if I had not made the decision to return to college.”
    Tommy Cepparulo
  • “My experience has been wonderful. The instructors are available and incredibly communicative whenever there are questions or clarifications needed. The assignment and discussion instructions are thorough, and the grading criteria is clearly laid out. Plus, the instructors are knowledgeable about the coursework, and all have great attitudes to ensure our success in learning.”
    Stacey Metzler
  • “Personally, this education has created a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Professionally, it has allowed me to become a thought leader.”
    Flory Seidel
  • “I had so many great instructors that provided me with meaningful feedback along the way. My student advisors were always just a phone call away, and they had the right answers to my questions.”
    Timothy Cathey
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