Faculty Affairs

Under the umbrella of Academic Affairs, Faculty Affairs is a mechanism for creating knowledge about teaching practices that can help resolve inequities in access to higher education learning opportunities. The department promotes an interdisciplinary interrogation of teaching and learning theory that is committed to 1) understanding the whole, contemporary student beyond the classroom 2) leveraging that understanding toward effective and equitable content delivery and instructional practice and 3) revision of legacy practice and thought to enhance access to knowledge for contemporary learners and educators.

In service of this mission, Faculty Affairs is charged with advancing the UAGC faculty body’s capacity achieve instructional excellence both in and out of the classroom and UAGC. A key to this advancement is a unified faculty body – One UAGC Faculty – wherein full-time and associate faculty are equally knowledgeable about, engaged in, and prepared to contribute to institutional work. Faculty Affairs’ supports One UAGC Faculty by offering learning and engagement opportunities focused on connecting instructional best practices and institutional goals. These offerings include formal self-reflection exercises; formative feedback via course observations; faculty communities of practice; quarterly internal faculty publications; an annual conference; and delivery of learning materials and consultation with Faculty Affairs staff that support the abovementioned commitments.

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