Multiple Options to Help You Save

Tuition Grants
  • Tuition grants can be a great college payment option due to their financial freedom.
  • When combined with a company’s approved Tuition Assistance program, tuition grants let eligible students earn their degree with 100% of tuition costs covered. Students are responsible for the cost of course materials/books and fees.
  • Grant options include a Full Tuition Grant and the Bright Horizons Tuition Grant.
Tuition Benefit
  • The University of Arizona Global Campus works with your organization to establish reductions on tuition.


Employee Tuition Savings
  • The Employee Tuition Savings payment option pairs your company’s tuition reimbursement plan with an accompanying grant to help your employees minimize tuition costs.
  • Under the Employee Tuition Savings payment option, your employees will have 100% of their tuition costs covered. Students are responsible for the cost of course materials/books and fees.
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Shared Tuition Savings
  • This program provides you with savings when combined with your employer reimbursement.
  • Shared Tuition Savings works with your employer to establish a flat annual tuition cost and is funded by you and UAGC.
  • You can utilize your company’s tuition reimbursement dollars to offset the total annual contribution cost.
  • Once your total annual contribution is met, UAGC covers the remaining tuition costs.
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When you invest in your employees, you’re also investing in your business. Find out how UAGC can help you create a customized plan that will establish long-term success for you and your employees.

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UAGC Partnership Success Stories
  • “Pursuing my education at UAGC was worth it. Even though the courses were online, I was still able to learn new material and expand my knowledge. Attending UAGC helped me push myself to finish my education.”
  • “The professors and staff at the University of Arizona Global Campus have been nothing short of amazing! The master’s degree program is challenging, yet it is structured in a way that really promotes student success. Earning my degree in Human Resources has provided me an opportunity to immediately apply concepts, theories, and industry best practices at my organization and has made me more passionate about the importance of my work.”
  • "My decision to go back to school was just to advance myself, to become more well-rounded as an individual, and to build on some skillsets and my knowledge base to become a better leader in the future."
    derek walker
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