Technology Management Courses at Global Campus

Understand the way that technology fits into modern businesses and organizations with your technology management courses. Explore how technology can support business strategy, the role of technology managers in business operations, and ways you can leverage technology to solve common business problems. These classes are part of the curriculum for the University of Arizona Global Campus's Master of Science in Technology Management degree program.

Technology Management Class Descriptions and Credit Information

TMG 300 Scrum Basics

3 Credits

This course teaches the framework of Scrum as used in project management as it applies to software development and many other applications. A comparison to predictive (waterfall) methodology is made. Scrum terminology, team responsibilities, and values are introduced. Tools to organize and track Scrum projects are reviewed. Course materials are aligned with and encourage students that so desire to take the Professional Scrum Master I certification exam. Individuals with PSM I certifications often continue to earn additional levels of Scrum Master and related certifications. Links to exam study materials are provided. Note: Students will be responsible for registering and paying for the actual certification test as administered by

TMG 601 Technology Strategy and Governance

3 Credits

This course focuses on the strategic alliances among business, technology, and organizational design. Students will learn how to plan technology architecture in support of a business strategy. The course addresses the effect of technology on privacy and ethics, the nature of work force, and the issues in managing remote and virtual teams. Security strategy and effective policies and training for protecting corporate assets are covered. Students will also be introduced to IT governance frameworks such as COBIT, ISO, and ITIL in this course. Prerequisite: BUS 600.

TMG 602 Management of Technology

3 Credits

This course focuses on the key role that technology managers play in supporting the growth and daily operations of an organization. Students will examine the required leadership skills to succeed in a culture of innovation along with achieving operational excellence at the CIO level. The course covers the business opportunities provided by the convergence of big data, networks, social media, and the advanced analytics for the growth and competitive advantage of an organization. Students will learn the skills for managing human and technological resources and make choices with long-term benefits for the company. Prerequisite: BUS 600

TMG 699 Technology Management Capstone

3 Credits

This final course will integrate and apply the core concepts acquired throughout the program. Evaluation will be focused on the quality of students’ applied research and problem-solving skills, technical and business content assessment, project management and implementation methods, and professionalism in writing and presentation documents. Students will develop a strategic and tactical plan to solve a given business problem leveraging technology. Prerequisites:  completion of all MSTM core required courses. 

Degree Programs Containing Technology Management Courses

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