Physical Education and Health Courses at Global Campus

Designed to promote critical thinking within the scope of physical education, this course, part of the University of Arizona Global Campus' Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education as well as the Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, will teach you to identify fundamental motor skills, stages of motor development, and the social and environmental factors that affect development throughout the life span. Upon completing the class, you will be able to demonstrate reflective practice by responding to personal application of course content to class activities.

Physical Education and Health Class Descriptions and Credit Information

PED 212 Foundation of Movement & Motor Activities

3 Credits

Students will examine integrated movement curriculum and the relationship between knowledge, motor skills, and movement activities. Activities will lead to understanding of how the body is used during fundamental motor skills and the progression to more advanced movement. Emphasis is on the study of human movement and the development of motor skills which enhance health related physical fitness. Movement concepts of body awareness, space, and quality of movement are defined. Fundamental movement skills are analyzed and used as a basis for planning physical education coursework.

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