Human Resources Management Courses at Global Campus

The University of Arizona Global Campus offers one course in human resource management. Discover a curriculum centered on general strategic management, employee tracking and more. Learn more about the University of Arizona Global Campus' degree offerings in human resource management or general business related degrees.

Human Resources Management Class Descriptions and Credit Information

HRM 400 Human Resource Technology Management

3 Credits

This course explores the impact of using technologies in serving HR by building an awareness of technological skills. The content investigates how information technology can be applied to strategic management, records and employee tracking for enhanced recruitment, selection, staffing, compensation, benefits administration, policies and procedures, performance evaluation, training and organizational development. Ethical and legal challenges regarding protection of human resource data are researched.

HRM 610 Employment Law and Labor Relations

3 Credits

This course offers a comprehensive review of labor relations and employment law as well as legal issues surrounding today’s employment market. The course is designed to evaluate, analyze and apply laws and legislation designed to protect employees and laborers and their implementation by government entities. Students will examine antidiscrimination, occupational safety and health, unemployment, privacy, wages and other federal employment and labor laws. Students will become familiar with leading labor and employment regulations and practice in order to apply them to the workplace.

HRM 620 Job Analysis and Design

3 Credits

This course examines the process of designing jobs based on market analysis and organizational strategy. Students will explore how job analysis and job design contributes to performance measurement, selection and other core Human Resources functions.

HRM 630 Workforce Planning and Talent Management

3 Credits

This course provides a study of the theory, principles, and legal requirements for effective workplace planning, recruitment, selection, and retention. Students will explore methods for forecasting staffing needs, and attracting and retaining talent. Students will examine the usefulness of various methods and metrics used in job analysis, testing and measurement, and internal and external market analysis. This course explores practical situations regarding areas of employee performance, discipline and termination.

HRM 640 Performance Management: Metrics and Measurement of Human Resources

3 Credits

This course is a study on the role of measurements and metrics in making informed decisions and aligning HRM strategies with business objectives. Students will examine Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), performance management, and HRM Analytics. Students will learn how to. Students will also learn how to bridge the gap between organizational strategy, individuals, and departments.

HRM 650 Managing a Global and Diverse Workforce

3 Credits

This course provides students with an understanding of the importance of diversity within the modern workforce and strategies to manage diversity. Students will explore the multifaceted nature of diversity and the relationships between diversity, Equal Employment Opportunity and affirmative action. Students will be able to understand the mechanics of oppression and power while learning the greater advantages of hedging diversity for higher organizational performance and managing the emerging issues in diversity.

HRM 660 Organizational Development

3 Credits

This course is designed to introduce students to organizational development concepts and the role of HR as an internal consultant within an organization. Students will examine organizational development theories, models, and tools and the major functions of human resources and how they relate to an organization’s management strategy.

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