Geography Courses at Global Campus

This course, taken in the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, will look at the inception of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and focus on providing a precursory view of the capabilities of the program by exploring the various relational and analytical tools. After successfully completing this geography class, you will be able to analyze the history and theory of spatial analysis, demonstrate an understanding of the spatial analysis software, and demonstrate the ability to apply GIS-based solutions to geographic modeling and analysis tasks.

Geography Class Descriptions and Credit Information

GEO 308 Geographic Information Systems

3 Credits

This course is an introduction to the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software that is widely used to conduct spatial analysis in the areas of environmental science, defense and intelligence, emergency response, business, education, government, health and human services, public safety, transportation, and utilities and communication.  Students will learn the ArcGIS system and become experienced in the analysis of spatially related data and the digitized map system.

Note: the software used in this course has specific computer requirements including, Windows 8 Operating System, 2.2 GHZ minimum speed, and 2GB minimum Memory/ RAM. 

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