Complementary and Alternative Health Courses Courses at Global Campus

Globalization has opened up a whole new world of complementary and alternative health options. Learn more about the history and delivery of the major non-allopathic health systems with Complementary and Alternative Health courses. These courses form part of the University of Arizona Global Campus Bachelor of Arts in Complementary and Alternative Health degree program.

Complementary and Alternative Health Courses Class Descriptions and Credit Information

CAH 390 Introduction to Chinese Medicine

3 Credits

Introduction to Chinese medicine is the study of the medical system and healing practices traditionally used in China, and more recently, in the United States and other countries. The course endeavors to explore the conceptual framework of Chinese medicine; in particular, from a contextual and historical perspective. Additionally the course will focus on how Chinese Medicine understands the concepts of health and disease, creating context for how health imbalances are understood in the medical system. Prerequisites: HCS 321 and HCS 326

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