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Join the Center for Women's Leadership at the Forbes School of Business and Technology® this month for workshops, chats, and speakers you don't want to miss! Not only is this lineup of speakers highly credible, but they are some of our favorite authentic leaders in their own fields. We look forward to seeing you there!


Center for Women’s Leadership Memberships

Your CWL membership grants access to many benefits including the following:


Attending a live webinar hosted by the Center for Women’s Leadership at the Forbes School of Business and Technology® is one way to join our community and network with other members. You’ll find CWL members to be welcoming and excited to meet you! The Center for Women’s Leadership will be hosting both in-person and virtual networking opportunities across industries to benefit members.

Professional Development

Through the Center for Women’s Leadership at the Forbes School of Business and Technology®, members have access to various avenues of professional development. While professional development can occur in formal settings such as conferences, webinars, or training classes, it also occurs informally as you learn, communicate with others, and open your minds to new ideas and perspectives. Professional development allows you to better understand the issues, concerns, opportunities, and solutions that are relevant to your field and organization.


The Center for Women’s Leadership at the Forbes School of Business and Technology® offers resources for research and growth. Research offers a unique opportunity to study past events and current conditions to better understand trends and relationships, identify issues and concerns, make projections for the future, generate new ideas, and create innovative solutions. As the role of women in leadership expands, so does the obligation to be knowledgeable, emotionally intelligent, and a catalyst for positive change to not only promote equity and inclusion for all people, regardless of gender or other biological characteristics, but also to positively affect organizations in terms of operational efficiency, financial success, and social responsibility.


The Center for Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program supports the CWL’s vision and mission by fostering productive, development-focused relationships between high-achieving, successful women leaders and University students and alumni. In partnership with the university’s peer mentoring initiatives, the CWL Mentoring Program offers 10 weeks of guided reflection, conversation, and application ideas designed to empower future women leaders in the organizations and communities they serve by: developing their commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and empowerment; increasing their awareness of resources, tools, and opportunities that will help them develop their leadership potential; and, expanding their capacity for professional networking for career advancement. Review Mentoring Program details here.


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