Training and E-Learning Specialization

Elevate organizational performance with the latest technology and instructional design. With the Training and E-Learning specialization from the University of Arizona Global Campus, you will build a solid foundation of research for your practice in e-learning and instructional design. Connect the dots between organizational performance and learning and development. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

Training and E-Learning Specialization for Graduate Degrees

Your Training and E-Learning specialization offers a systems approach to learning initiatives, with a focus on planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating learning systems to meet organizational expectations. Explore instructional strategies, systems theory and design, training needs assessment models and methods, as well as the impact of diversity and globalization on learning and design.

Degrees Offering the Training and E-Learning Specialization

Graduate Training and E-Learning Specialization Courses

EDU 8240 Theories & Models of Instructional Systems Design

3 Credits

This course will include an examination of the major instructional design models and their theoretical, empirical, historical, and philosophical foundations in technology and media. Students will evaluate current theories and models and examine the historical and philosophical foundations of these theories and will present their analyses of instructional design examples as well as prepare an outline for an instructional design project, incorporating relevant learning theory, media, and other technology applications.

ORG 8201 Learning Strategies in Organizations

3 Credits

This course explores aligning organizational learning and business strategies. Students will explore current issues in this area, including different approaches that organizations take to planning, implementing, managing, and evaluating training as well as factors that contribute to success. Topics include selecting the optimal combination of curricula and delivery modalities; choosing and implementing learning management systems, selecting and utilizing instructional technology tools; and evaluating the impact of learning programs on strategic organizational performance.

ORG 8205 Training Needs Assessment Models & Methods

3 Credits

This course focuses on the process of applying research design models and methodologies to the analysis of performance problems or opportunities for organizations, teams or individual workers. Students will develop and apply a variety of systematic measurement tools, including extant (existing) data research, surveys, benchmarking, and focus groups while conducting performance and root cause analysis in the context of needs assessments or front end analysis.

ORG 8210 Training Evaluation Models & Methods

3 Credits

This course presents approaches to utilizing quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of training programs. Models/methods will include Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation, Brinkerhoff’s Success Case Method, Phillip’s ROI method, and new developments in TDR (Talent Development Reporting).

ORG 8213 Strategic Talent Development

3 Credits

This course focuses on the role of the training function as it relates to strategic talent development utilizing an evidence-based approach. Students will learn how to integrate and align a development strategy with the long-term goals and needs of the organization. Connections will be made to tools and methods utilized for performance management, identification of high-potential leaders, and succession planning. Topics will include the increasing demand for leadership development and executive coaching.

ORG 8619 Current & Global Issues in Industrial & Organizational Psychology

3 Credits

Due to the rapidly and continually changing nature of industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology, it is important for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to stay abreast of current and emerging issues in the field. Given that many of the changes occurring in the field of I/O are due to the globalization of the business would, particular emphasis will be focused on the role and practice of I/O in the complex environment of global organizations. In this advanced seminar, students explore current and global issues that attract the attention of researchers and practitioners in I/O psychology, as evidenced by the published literature, with an emphasis on learning the application and implementation of best practices and emerging theories in the field. Topics in the seminar will evolve along with the issues that appear most often in the I/O literature, issues that receive the most attention in the professional and business press, and current lines of research having the most impact on the field.

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This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness.