Mental Health Administration Doctoral Specialization

Speak on behalf of modern health delivery systems in an ever-changing industry with the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Human Services, Mental Health Administration specialization from the University of Arizona Global Campus. In this doctoral program, you will learn how to be a more innovative and strategic leader who can ethically move complex organizations and mental health services toward more proactive wellness models of service delivery. 

Mental Health Administration Doctoral Specialization for Graduate Degrees

Enhance your leadership in the performance of large mental health organizations with your courses in the Mental Health Administration specialization. Develop the skills and expertise to improve the quality of life for others.

Degrees Offering the Mental Health Administration Doctoral Specialization

Graduate Mental Health Administration Doctoral Specialization Courses

ORG 7272 Group Process & Group Leadership in Organizations

3 Credits

This course provides an overview of group theory, processes, and dynamics in organizations. It will also examine effective behaviors and characteristics of facilitating/leading groups in an organizational setting. Students will be afforded the opportunity to participate in group simulations both as participant and facilitator. Students will receive evaluation and feedback on their group facilitation skills. A strong emphasis is placed on ethical standards and behavior in groups along with legal issues. The impact on groups of factors such as diversity, culture, distance, and others are explored.

ORG 8061 Administration of Grants & Contracts: Government & Community Funding

3 Credits

This course provides students with knowledge of the various types of funding sources, including government agencies, private and community sources, grants and contracts as well as rules, guidelines and typical procedures applied to gaining and managing funding. The course also includes basic skill building in using social capital to develop funding sources and in grant proposal development. Interagency collaboration is emphasized.

ORG 8160 Mental Health Programs & Services for Special Populations

3 Credits

This course covers the unique mental health service programming options for individuals representing special populations, including individuals with traumatic brain injury, mental retardation/developmental disabilities, co-occurring disorders, physical disabilities, individuals who are homeless, individuals in distressed communities, etc. The impact of family systems is also considered.

ORG 8165 Mental Health in the Context of Community Wellness

3 Credits

This course is designed to present the student with methods of conducting needs analysis, developing presentation activities, and programs to promote positive mental health. Interaction with, and promotion within the community, is also an area of focus. Methods of conducting and presenting results of cost-benefit analysis of community mental wellness programs are also covered. Prevention and wellness programs are discussed.

ORG 8650 Strategies & Policies to Advance Mental Health Care

3 Credits

Analyze and transform mental health treatment systems, cross cultural mental health systems, advocate for legislative change, integrate research into coherent and effective argument to analyze and transform mental health treatment systems.

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