Organizational Diversity Specialization

Diversity makes organizations stronger. You can help organizations capitalize on diverse backgrounds, experiences, and worldviews with the Organizational Diversity specialization from the University of Arizona Global Campus. Respect differences and unleash the power of diversity. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

Organizational Diversity Specialization for Graduate Degrees

Your Organizational Diversity specialization will help you apply cutting-edge principles to diagnose organizational challenges and measure organizational diversity. Advanced seminars in global consulting and cross-cultural communications will allow you to implement change within an organization.

Degrees Offering the Organizational Diversity Specialization

Graduate Organizational Diversity Specialization Courses

ORG 7701 Theoretical Foundations for Diversity Work

3 Credits

This course will review the theoretical underpinnings for diversity work in the United States. Students will consider the implications of different models and explore what diversity means as a developing field. The course explores multi-disciplinary scholars, practitioners and theorists (academic, public policy, organizational, and others) to formulate discussion, analysis and experiment in the concept of diversity as a framework for organizational success.

ORG 7705 Advanced Topics in Cross-Cultural Communications

3 Credits

This advanced course in cross-cultural communication will focus on the natural tensions that exist when conducting business globally. Within a framework of transnational business and global economics, students will address contemporary concerns that apply to strategic alliances and the management of the globally diverse organization. Topics covered include the achievements of global leaders, characteristics of leaders, leading across cultures, leading change and relationship between leaders and followers.

ORG 7710 Cross-Functional Diversity Alignment

3 Credits

Promoting an organizational environment that fosters diversity requires aligning to and with organizational values, missions and visions. This course provides an overview of the organizational system including the design, control, and improvement of business systems. Topics include operations strategy, marketing and public relations, the legal landscape, principles of measuring organizational results, quality management, affirmative action and its role with Human Resources, as well as supplier diversity management.

ORG 8270 Diversity & Inclusion - Research in Action

3 Credits

In this course, students will conduct an action research project to help select the appropriate interventions related to diversity and inclusion. It is critical that when designing plans, students understand the role that different solutions have toward meeting organizational goals. Students will first begin by defining diversity and inclusion and how the definitions relate to organizational solutions. Then, they will explore approaches that organizations may take to assess and evaluate their needs, and to plan and then execute the appropriate response to support the organizational strategy. Topics will include: learning and development, training, communications, event planning, and community relations.

ORG 8532 Advanced Seminar: The Leader as Coach

3 Credits

This advanced graduate seminar explores issues and models for leveraging human resources to execute business strategy. Topics include succession planning, leadership development models, workforce staffing models, compensation models, and training and development strategies.

ORG 8855 Advanced Social Networking for Organizations

3 Credits

The role that media forms like “social media” (or computer-mediated social networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn) play in large companies and organizations has become increasingly important for the analysis and leadership of organizations. In this course, students will develop a theoretical basis in, and begin to differentiate among, emerging media and internet technologies, the ethical questions surrounding social media, personal identity and the workplace, and the role that the internet, blogs and email have on group decision-making and the effectiveness of leaders. Students will take their knowledge of how social media are used for promotion and public relations, and how content communities and virtual social worlds are utilized in organizations, and apply it to creating plans for transforming organizations.

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This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness.