Mediation and Conflict Resolution Specialization

Be the peace-maker with the Mediation and Conflict Resolution specialization from the University of Arizona Global Campus. This doctorate degree specialization focuses on developing your consulting skills and mediation expertise. You will also consider how to apply your skills and expertise in the real world to effect lasting, positive change in families and communities. Your mediation and conflict resolution specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

Program Disclosures

Mediation and Conflict Resolution Specialization for Graduate Degrees

Your Mediation and Conflict Resolution specialization explores the techniques that consultants use to deescalate conflict between people. In your advanced seminars, you will utilize systems theory and dynamic communications in real-world exercises. You will also compose a long-term plan for conflict resolution and learn how to advocate and defend mediation strategies.

Degrees Offering the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Specialization

Graduate Mediation and Conflict Resolution Specialization Courses

ORG 7650 Organizational Systems & Conflict Theories

3 Credits

Systems theory involves an orientation to the unified whole of any system in which human beings find themselves. The emphasis will be on integrating theory and concepts from the behavioral and social sciences as a basis for understanding human behavior within organizations and resulting conflict from that behavior. Experiential exercises will augment theoretical learning.

ORG 8500 Advanced Topics in Organizational Consulting

3 Credits

This course focuses on the application of psychological principles to the workplace and how psychologists can facilitate the improvement of work environments, conditions, employee performance, and interpersonal/team functioning. In addition, the course provides a review of the basic theory, research, and practice in organizational training, development, and behavior. Topics covered include job performance and attitudes, work motivation, personnel selection and classification, group influence, and training and development. There is an emphasis on the contribution of specific psychological skills in organizational consultation.

ORG 8510 Advanced Seminar: Leading Organizational Change

3 Credits

This seminar examines cutting edge trends in organizational change, the current global business climate, forces driving change, and issues related to positioning organizations for the future. The topics selected will connect change with culture, existing organizational strategies, and the process of change in future directions. Major case study examples of organizational change are included in the learning process.

ORG 8518 Professional & Business Ethics in Organizational Leadership

3 Credits

This advanced seminar examines enduring issues in business and professional ethics and applying proven approaches to ethical professional practice and organizational operations to contemporary organizational environments and issues.

ORG 8630 Influencing Leaders to Resolve Conflict

3 Credits

This course explores the theories and methods leaders can use to influence and persuade others to employ as constructive approaches to conflict resolution. Topics include the power leaders can employ to provide impetus to conflict resolution and effective communication strategies for leaders to employ in resolving conflict.

ORG 8632 Evaluating Conflict Resolution Processes

3 Credits

This course explores principles, challenges, and models of conflict resolution. The course emphasizes using organizational business metrics as key macro-level outcomes measures, and multiple-method, multiple source measurement approaches to predicting and explaining outcomes.

ORG 8635 Developing Conflict Resolution Plans & Policies

3 Credits

This course will lead the student through the development of a conflict resolution plan, and will focus on how a written plan serves as a key tool in conflict resolution for mediators, managers, and negotiators alike. Further emphasis will be given to the role communication plays the resolution process by providing a concrete structure, guidelines, and standards for conflict resolution.

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