Educational Leadership Specialization

Expand your leadership potential in the education and learning fields with the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), Educational Leadership specialization from the University of Arizona Global Campus. This program will help you understand how human development and psychology influence education and the learning process. Form the connections that facilitate education for all learners. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

Program Disclosures

Educational Leadership Specialization for Graduate Degrees

Your Educational Leadership specialization will help you build organizational leadership skills in areas such as human resources, motivation, and change management. The curriculum focuses on educational topics as well, including the design of effective instructional strategies.

Degrees Offering the Educational Leadership Specialization

Graduate Educational Leadership Specialization Courses

EDU 8240 Theories & Models of Instructional Systems Design

3 Credits

This course will include an examination of the major instructional design models and their theoretical, empirical, historical, and philosophical foundations in technology and media. Students will evaluate current theories and models and examine the historical and philosophical foundations of these theories and will present their analyses of instructional design examples as well as prepare an outline for an instructional design project, incorporating relevant learning theory, media, and other technology applications.

ORG 8512 Leadership & Organizational Cultures

3 Credits

This course addresses the key relationships among organizational culture, executing business strategy, structuring organizations into teams and workgroups, and aligning these with culture. The role of leaders in creating, maintaining, and changing culture gets special emphasis. The course includes current theories on the role of culture in organizational success and the role of leadership in guiding the organization and its culture toward successful outcomes.

ORG 8530 Influence, Motivation & Persuasion in the Workplace

3 Credits

This advanced graduate seminar explores theories of motivating adult performance in the workplace. The exploration includes theories and application of methods for leaders to influence and persuade others in ways that motivate and engage them in their work and their organization's mission.

ORG 8534 Advanced Seminar: Human Resources Business Strategy

3 Credits

This advanced graduate seminar explores issues and models for leveraging human resources to execute business strategy. Topics include succession planning, leadership development models, workforce staffing models, compensation models, and training and development strategies.

ORG 8542 Advanced Seminar: Learning Strategies in Organizations

3 Credits

This advanced seminar explores current topics in aligning educational and business strategy in organizations. Students will explore current issues in this area, including published literature, with an emphasis on learning the implementation of educational and learning strategy in organizations. Topics include return on investment in learning programs, selecting the optimal combination of curriculum, instruction, and technology, and evaluating the impact of learning programs on the strategic organizational performance.

ORG 8545 Advanced Seminar: Learning Initiatives & Organizational Change

3 Credits

This advanced course explores the role of learning, education and training in designing and implementing organizational change. The course examines the role of learning initiatives as tools for change and as environmental factors that impel organizations toward changing their strategies and tactics. Based on current theories and applications for leading organizational change, students will explore current literature and case examples of learning initiatives and educational programs to implement and support organizational change and organizational development.

ORG 8550 Organizational Systems Theory

3 Credits

ORG 8550 Organizational Systems Theory Based on current thinking in systems theory and its application, this course applies systems thinking to organizational development. Topics include system dynamics, system archetypes, dynamic links, loops, and the application of chaos theory to improving organizational performance.

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Are you currently a licensed RN?

This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness.