Education Careers

Though an obvious career route for person with a degree in education has historically been teaching, much has changed. Opportunities within schools remain, but an education background now provides a larger scope of potential employment options. Within every educational system, there are needs for researchers, trainers, aides, administrators, and designers with an eye for education, logistics, and the big picture. Or maybe you can see yourself with a role in curriculum writing or video work—opportunities made more accessible with the Internet’s expanding role in education. Consulting is also a potential path to new opportunities with a greater sphere of influence.

Careers in Child Development

Careers in Curriculum and Instruction

Careers in Early Childhood Development with Differentiated Instruction

Careers in Early Childhood Education

Careers in Early Childhood Education Administration

Careers in Early Childhood Education Leadership

Careers in Education

Careers in Education Studies

Careers in English Language Learner Studies

Careers in Instructional Design

Careers in Library Science and Media

Careers in Special Education

Careers in Teaching and Learning with Technology

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