Why You Need To Develop Your Personal Brand

By University Staff

Personal Brand

The primary purpose of branding is to create a positive perception about a specific company in the minds of consumers. Additionally, branding can be used as a means to differentiate products or services offered, as well as to create a competitive market advantage.

When seeking employment or setting yourself apart from the competition it is imperative to think of yourself as a brand or corporation. There are a few concepts of branding you should employ when devising a strategy to increase your influence or profitability. These include:

Brand image: Seek avenues in which you can begin putting together a portfolio of your experiences. People want to see what you’ve done, not just hear about them. Display your successes and experiences for others to see. Such practice creates a foundation for increased brand awareness and positive influence on your brand image.

Brand associations: The simplest way to define brand association is to think of the attributes, benefits, and attitudes of your favorite brand. That is exactly what you are going to do when you begin branding yourself. What have you done to increase your competitive advantage in seeking employment? What are you bringing to the table?

Product/service quality: In the business market, the perceived quality of a product or service signifies the overall quality or superiority over the competing brands marketed. Let the quality of your work speak for itself. Seek leadership opportunities! Find avenues that allow you to leverage your skills and talents for greater impact.

Brand loyalty: Brand loyalty is established upon creating a sense of commitment from your customers. You are the CEO of you! What are you doing to ensure that hiring managers, recruiters, and peers are primarily focused on you? Be dependable, be creative, be influential, be effective, be responsible, BE THE GREATEST YOU THAT YOU CAN BE!

Branding and Your Career Goals

After having developed a better understanding of branding and how it applies to concepts within your life, it is time to think about planning ahead for the future. When seeking career opportunities it is best to identify your strengths, talents, and gifts. The assessment of your strengths, interests, and talent will allow you to target opportunities that match your attributes. Keep in mind that a targeted approach to marketing your brand will be more beneficial than adapting a shotgun approach to life. The best way to achieve success is to purposely set your path and plan how you’re going to reach your goals.

Social Media and Branding

The Internet is more than a tool to search and find information. This medium has gradually become an extension of who we are as individuals. That being said, when considering your future you must assess the uses of technology and the social Web’s impact and importance in your life. For example, the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube can be used as pathways to express or advertise your brand.

Remember, you have special gifts and talents that no one is better at doing than you! You have to own that and share these attributes and benefits with the world.

Written by Dr. Marcus Crayton

Dr. Crayton is an Assistant Professor with the Forbes School of Business® at the University of Arizona Global Campus.


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