Why Study Political Science?

By University Staff

Why Study Political Science?

Political science is the study of people within institutions that structure power and authority. It is a social science that deals extensively with the theory and practice that determines the distribution of power and resources, also known as politics. Managing the institutions that keep our society running smoothly is hard work. From local, state, and national government bodies to the many non-profits and private organizations that provide essential services or aid to citizens, there is no shortage of important work to be done in order to solve the problems facing our nation and its people.

At the heart of many of these institutions, graduates with degrees in political science and public policy strive tirelessly to make a difference. If working to meet the needs of society and understand its inner workings is a passion of yours, an online political science degree from the University of Arizona Global Campus can help you achieve your dreams.

Blending Theory and Practice

Understanding how the complex inner workings of government institutions function is at the foundation of any quality education in politics, government, and the management of public bodies. At UAGC, our online political science degree programs give you a broad view of government, including how our constitution functions and how public policy is formed. Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science program will dig into a vast array of subjects that will enhance their understanding of political relationships-- including comparative politics, international relations, and political analysis.

Beyond the theory of government and politics, your Global Campus education is designed to give you practical skills that can be applied in a variety of arenas. For political science majors, an emphasis on conflict resolution, in-depth analysis, and critical assessment develops skills that are essential in both public and private environments. For students in our public administration degree programs, the integration of business-oriented management techniques and tactical approaches to government administration, produces a powerful skillset that helps shape students into effective leaders for the public sphere.

Opening up a World of Options

A degree program in political science and government provides a versatile education that can produce numerous career opportunities. Political science jobs in the public sector include various public servant positions, elected representative roles, and non-profit administration and management careers. Career options within the private sector include consulting for or even working within major corporations. Political science graduates help organizations understand how political conditions and changes might affect their businesses at the local, national, and international levels.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration degree program primarily readies students for entry-level careers in management at the federal, state, and local government levels. Many graduates pursue opportunities in urban planning, program management, and other administrative roles. As with political science majors, graduates of this program often pursue public administration careers in the non-profit sector, as well.

In addition to deepening your knowledge of political policy and research methodology, a political science program will develop the soft skills – understanding nuance, ambivalence, and gray areas – that can be essential in roles outside of government, in industries that include financial, professional, and education services, and retail.

An undergraduate degree in public administration is a perfect launching pad for students who wish to earn their Master's degree with a specialization in Public Administration, enhance their skills, and expand their career prospects. Students in this graduate program increase their interpersonal and management skills while improving their proficiencies in a wide range of areas, including urban planning, negotiating, budgeting, and more.

If you're ready to join a diverse student population dedicated to pursuing challenging careers that enhance the communities around them, an online political science degree from UAGC could be the perfect fit for you. From the private and non-profit sectors to the public arena, graduates in political science and public administration enjoy meaningful, enriching careers that keep society going strong.


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