It's Time to Develop Your Criminal Justice Skills

By University Staff

It's Time to Develop Your Criminal Justice Skills

With so many challenges facing our communities today, how can you be a force for positive change while putting yourself on a path toward a gratifying career? A degree in criminal justice could be the perfect fit.

If you're ready for the challenge and rewards that come with earning a degree in criminal justice, the first step is to make sure you find a criminal justice degree program that's a strong fit for you. The University of Arizona Global Campus Online Criminal Justice Degrees page offers information about what it means to be a student and professional in the diverse field of criminal justice. The majors offered through The University of Arizona Global Campus online criminal justice degree programs range from a Bachelor of Arts in Law Enforcement Administration to a degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management and beyond.

Learn more about the different courses you could take while pursuing your specific degree in criminal justice – from essential, age-old topics like the United States Constitution, to contemporary issues like cyber-crime. You can also learn how to apply your criminal justice degree from Global Campus to pursue exciting professional opportunities across the public sector and a range of private-industry careers.

Putting a Criminal Justice Degree to Work

If you thought that the field of criminal justice is only about policing, think again. There are a number of different kinds of law enforcement agencies that your online criminal justice degree can help prepare you for – including local and regional police forces, along with federal agencies like border patrol, counter-terrorism, emergency response, and the FBI.

Some students who study criminal justice go on to work for the Department of Defense or a specific branch of the military, while others take jobs in the private sector as investigators and private security managers. A criminal justice bachelor's degree is especially helpful for careers that focus on criminal or immigration law, so some students find themselves called to continue their education at a law school.

As criminal justice and the agencies involved in security, defense, and investigation grow more sophisticated, an advanced education in one of the criminal justice disciplines can be a good investment to help you stand out in a competitive job market. If you have a passion for helping people, keeping our communities and country safe, and you want to work in a dynamic environment with other people who share that same passion, you're ready to start pursuing a degree in one of the criminal justice fields.

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