Forbes School of Business and Technology Entrepreneurship Scholarship Winners Announced

By University Staff

Forbes School of Business and Technology Entrepreneurship Scholarship Winners Announced

The University of Arizona Global Campus is pleased to announce two of our scholarship recipients for 2019: Chelsea Hodge, 25, of Covington, Georgia, and Robert Luft, 37, of Cincinnati. Chelsea is currently working toward her Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship, while Robert is studying to receive his Master of Business Administration, also specializing in Entrepreneurship. We recently caught up with the two students to discuss what it’s like to earn a scholarship and what these tenacious students have planned for the future. 

Chelsea’s Scholarship Story

It’s been several weeks since Chelsea learned about her scholarship, but the news still surprises her. 

“I really can’t believe that I won, out of all the business ideas out there,” said Chelsea, who owns the landscaping and firewood delivery company Lawn N Order with her husband and is also a brand ambassador for a skin care product.

Chelsea is keeping herself busy with her online studies and entrepreneurial endeavors, but she has no intention of stopping after earning her bachelor’s degree. In addition to pursuing her MBA, she also plans to focus on additional business opportunities.

“I love starting up businesses and being an entrepreneur who can inspire others to be creative,” she says. “We live in a world of commerce, where we have to have money to survive. Financial freedom is my goal!”

She is motivated by a passion for creativity, learning, and financial independence, but she also has the desire to provide and set an example for her five-year-old daughter. 

“My dad died when I was 12, and I’ve had a job since I was 14,” she recalls. “I’m trying to show my daughter that no matter what you go through, you can’t let it take away your happiness and self-worth.”

Of course, earning a scholarship has provided more than just monetary value. Her education has been a rewarding journey that she will never forget.

“Ashford* has been flexible and awesome,” she says. “They are all about wanting to help, and I really do appreciate it.”

Robert’s Scholarship Story

Robert is the CEO of SureFire Innovations, a company that provides technology infrastructure services to corporate and government clients. Even with a successful business, the MBA student is eager to gain more knowledge that he can apply to his operations.

During his graduate coursework, Robert is determined to develop his analytical skills, learn new ways to collaborate and problem-solve, and better appraise the current landscape of data applications. He is confident that utilizing his studies in the workplace will help him make better business decisions and become a more effective leader.

“I hope to achieve consistent year-over-year growth with my current business and to successfully and sustainably create and manage new business units that compliment my current ventures,” he explains. 

Earning the scholarship will allow Robert to continue to focus on these strategies while alleviating some of the financial burden associated with achieving his goals. 

“I am confident that my education will allow me to better serve my clients,” he says. “It’s a great feeling to know that Ashford* University continues to be there to support my efforts.”

Your Scholarship Story

Chelsea and Robert both applied for the Forbes School of Business and Technology Entrepreneurship Scholarship, which awards $5,000 to students who exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit. To apply, they simply uploaded a business plan and necessary documentation for their respective business ventures. 

Even if you are not an entrepreneur like Chelsea and Robert, the University of Arizona Global Campus offers an array of unique scholarship and grant programs to prospective and current students looking for financial resources to help fund their online education. From teachers and parents to military spouses and medical professionals, opportunities await for students from all walks of life. Read more to discover if one of the Global Campus scholarship or grant programs is right for you.


*Ashford University is now The University of Arizona Global Campus.


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