Forbes School of Business and Technology®

Welcome to the Forbes School of Business and Technology®, where we are developing and training the business leaders of tomorrow. Our school offers more than twenty programs, including undergraduate and graduate degrees in areas such as business leadership, management, accounting, finance, and information technology. The Forbes School of Business and Technology® board of advisors includes Steve Forbes of Forbes Media, Fortune 500 business advisors, successful executives and entrepreneurs, and popular media personalities. The board is very active, enthusiastic, and engaged, continually sharing their professional insights, forecasting business trends, and steering the school to maximize student learning and value to ensure that each of our graduates are prepared to be successful and overcome challenges in today’s dynamic business environment. At Forbes School of Business and Technology®, we offer an innovative learning environment, flexibility, and professional growth opportunities for adult learners.

We structure our courses to bridge the gap between theory and practice, easily connecting academic concepts with current real-world applications. Students enjoy an engaging online learning environment where we foster curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Most importantly, we regard each student as an individual and promote a Culture of Care throughout the University. This Culture of Care and compassion begins with admissions and continues through academic advising, faculty, and senior leadership. Students learn to embrace new ideas, build upon their strengths, and overcome adversity.

The Forbes School of Business and Technology is driven by creating strategic initiatives and goals that address the four critical goals at UAGC.

  • RETAIN students during their first year of enrollment
  • Support COMPLETION of programs and educational goals driven by student-based timelines
  • Enhance students’ ECONOMIC RETURN

We are continuously reviewing, revamping, and modernizing our curriculum to ensure that each course remains current, relevant, and focused on the issues that matter most in the business world today. Students can expect to graduate as well-rounded professionals with a wealth of knowledge related to the fundamentals of business operations and success in addition to their specific areas of major or emphasis. Our courses are instructed by real-world professionals, executives, and practitioners who regularly incorporate their expertise and insights in the classroom. They bring practical knowledge, show unparalleled energy, and share their passion for higher education. Our instructors take great pride in student learning and student success. In short, we all love what we do!

As the Dean of the Forbes School of Business and Technology®, I encourage you to consider one of our many innovative academic programs. We would love to be a part of your journey toward academic success, personal fulfillment, and professional advancement.

Forbes School of Business and Technology® Board of Advisors

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